Windows 7 Early Review

Windows 7 Early Review

Windows 7 is the successor to Windows vista and Microsoft may have finally done what it was supposed to do years ago. From the get go, the new gui(graphical user interface) looks much better but similar to Vista’s. October 22, Windows 7 comes out so if your waiting to get a computer, you should wait so you can get a much better OS.The taskbar has a much cleaner look and programs are no longer minimized to the bottom as tabs. They are little icons as you can see above and when you mouse over it, it will show a small transparent window of all opened windows in that application. I have been using 7 for about a couple of months(free beta release) and everything worked right out the box. Drivers(files needed for certain hardware to work) seem to be centralized and install by them self without too much user interaction. For example, on my Dell Inspiron 1525 when I first installed vista, I had to do a cumbersome job of finding the drivers for the web cam and other devices for it work properly over the web.

While that may not be a huge feat for the computer savvy, it is still annoying nonetheless.

How does it perform?

The clunky, all in your face UAC(User Account Control), and other annoyances of vista are still here, but does not pop up too often. The speed of windows starting until it is logged on and onto a usable desktop is indeed faster or feels like so on 7. I was surprised because usually Vista takes a lot of time to start up because of so many resources starting up with the computer. I didn’t actually measure or benchmark this and plus I rather not get too technical as it really doesn’t matter anyway as my focus is not to bombard you with irrelevant jargon that most people can’t comprehend.

There may be some tech savvy readers reading and that’s good and all but this is still the blog for the layman.


What’s new about it and what makes it better?

Again to reiterate what I said earlier, if it’s one thing I liked right off the bat with 7 is the new GUI. There are customizable themes with their own wallpapers and window colors and appearance. On earlier versions of Windows, I had to download this program called “Winwall” just to periodically change my wallpapers. With Windows 7 I don’t have to do this anymore as it has it’s own built in wallpaper changer. On the Mac it had this years ago and I was always surprised as to why windows didn’t implement this feature.

Another cool feature I like is the Libraries feature. It allows you to have one folder like for example your Music folder, organize all your music files even if they are on different parts of the laptop. This is handy because sometimes I have music on my desktop(used to), root of the Hard drive, in another user profile and as such it makes it annoying to locate all the folder and files and drag them to the music folder. You can also add to the library folders on an external hard drive.

Okay that’s nice but what if I like Vista?

Well nothing is wrong with liking vista if that’s what you prefer. Vista did fix a couple of bugs from when it first came out with it’s subsequent service packs though. If you ever feel like upgrading though they have several options. There was a upgrade fee but I believe that’s been done now.

* Windows 7 Home Premium (Upgrade): 9.99

* Windows 7 Professional (Upgrade): 9.99

* Windows 7 Ultimate (Upgrade): 9.99

And the estimated prices for the full Windows 7 package are:

* Windows 7 Home Premium (Full): 9.99

* Windows 7 Professional (Full): 9.99

* Windows 7 Ultimate (Full): 9.99

That seems like a much better price as I remember off head Home premium for Vista used to cost 0+. If your content with Vista or XP, you might still find a good reason to use Windows 7.


I haven’t really noticed anything horribly wrong with 7 yet but one thing I think they should have is a have Windows Live mail and it’s other similar programs installed already. I love using Windows live mail and checking my email as soon as I get them but why couldn’t they have it installed from the get go? Another thing I don’t like is their version of sharing files with this thing called homegroup. It makes things a bit more complicated as if they weren’t already. You have to now join the homegroup which requires a homegroup password and the worst thing about it is only Windows 7 computers are supported. While this may not be a problem for future consumers who might only have Windows 7 computers, what about existing XP and Vista users? I wouldn’t want to sit there and have to upgrade my old computer if I like the OS but rather keep it just in case. Other than that, Windows 7 has more pro’s than con’s to me and I hope you found this a good deal of information. What do you think about changing OS’s?

Microsoft Xbox Repair

Microsoft Xbox Repair

I was having a perfect afternoon. Nothing to do but enjoy my Xbox, which I hadn’t done in awhile since work and life were busy. I just got home from Best Buy and I was ready to try out the new Call of Duty (a great game if you have not tried it out by the way!). After playing for a while, okay I admit, I was playing for a few hours. My Xbox 360 froze. Nothing I could do could help to reset the system. Needless to say I was pissed, I had fallen victim to the RROD the Xbox red ring of death.

So what was I to do? I knew my Xbox was not covered under the warranty so I was forced to figure out what was wrong with the Xbox. The Xbox is an awesome gaming console, there is no arguing that but the fact that it had frozen was more than a little annoying. After some research I discovered that my Xbox like so many others was overheating and that overheating was caused by a defect in the heat sink.

No warranty, no one could tell me how to fix it, so my next step was to figure out an Xbox repair for myself.

What I was trying to do is just try and figure out how to avoid the Xbox overheating problem. Maybe there is a Microsoft Xbox repair guide. It couldn’t be difficult, all I got is common sense.

This last time my Xbox froze I noticed my console was hot. And not just a little bit, it was like asphalt on a hot summer day. The only thing I could do was let it cool off, but that was not a permanent fix and it became obvious that I needed a permanent Xbox fit.

I found a Microsoft Xbox repair guide that actually helped and explained exactly what was caused the overheating problems. But before you get the Microsoft Xbox repair Guide you should try to prevent this problem and extend the life of your Xbox a little.

Here is How:
1) I know it is hard, but don’t do marathon gaming sessions.
2) Don’t put your Xbox on the carpet.
3) Don’t put the Xbox in a cabinet or small space so that it has no air flow for the fan.
4) Don’t try to fix it with the towel trick, you’ll be sorry. Trust me.
5) Don’t leave it on when you are not using it.

Hopefully these tips help the Xbox overheating problems and bring your dead Xbox back to life. If it is too late for the tips I listed above I would look for a good Microsoft Xbox repair Guide.

Hi, Jon here. Just your average gamer spreading the word about the defects of the Xbox and how you can avoid some problems down the road. Hope my tips help. If your Xbox has already got the ‘Red Ring of Death’ or the freezing screen problems you are going to need a permanent Microsoft Xbox repair. Happy gaming.

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

It’s received a major makeover–actually, the biggest one it’s ever gotten since it debuted in Windows 95. Gone are the bars with the names of apps and tiny icons. In are much larger, labeless icons. The stacks of thumbnails you got when you hovered on an app with multiple windows in the Taskbar have been replaced by a more efficient ribbon of thumbnails. Devices connected to the computer (like a digital camera, say) show up in the Taskbar along with apps. Overall, it’s quite slick, and you won’t encounter any new Microsoft Windows 7 feature more often. Unfortunately, it’s also missing from the preview edition of the OS. (I had some brief hands-on time with it, and liked it.)

The System Tray (officially known as the Notification Area, although I don’t know of anybody who calls it that Microsoft Office 2010).

If it were possible to pick up an operating system element and hurl it through a plate glass window in sheer rage, I would have done so to the System Tray countless times by now. With Windows 7, Microsoft finally gives us tools for managing the mess. You can selectively choose which applet icons appear in the Tray and whether they’re allowed to bug you with word balloons, and shuffle icons between the Tray and the overflow area (which now pops up rather than shoving apps in the Taskbar to the left) as you please. It would be better still if Microsoft Windows 7 let you prevent applicatios from shoving stuff in the Tray in the first place, but the new features are still a giant leap for Windowskind.

These appear on the Start menu and when you clicks apps in the Taskbar; they’re context-sensitive lists of actions relating to the app in question.

Windows Media Player, for instance, gives you ones relating to music playback, as seen below. Jump Lists aren’t yet implemented in the preview version of W7–I think they’re a good idea, but want to try them before I commit to an opinion of MS Office 2010 .

More control over User Account Control. The infamous UAC now has settings that go beyond On and Off. You can choose to have it tell you when apps are installed or settings change but not to make you grant approval, or to alert you only when a program changes Windows settings. I’m not sure whether these chages are enough to turn UAC from legendary nuisance to trusted friend, but they should quiet the worst gripes about it.

Microsoft says it’s doing a number of things differently to make Windows 7 run faster and more reliably than Office 2007 . It’s working to speed bootup times by doing things like handling multiple startup tasks in parallel. And it’s taking a new approach to memory management designed to let you open gazillions of windows at once without hobbling the OS. It’s pointless to express any opinion about an operating system’s speed until you’ve benchmarked a final or near-final version. But for what it’s worth, W7 loads quickly and feels pretty darn zippy on the Dell notebook Microsoft loaned me, which is unencumbered by third-party adware and junkware.

W7 introduces a new networking feature called HomeGroups that intends to make it easy for multiple computers on a home network to share files and peripherals as easily as if they all resided on one PC. I thought that that was what Windows’ networking features were always supposed to do; in reality, they’ve remained convoluted and unreliable until now.(Microsoft Office 2007) I look forward to giving HomeGroups a spin on my own personal home network.

Windows 7 Windows? reputation

Windows 7 Windows? reputation

Will the legions of Office 2010 users who continue to spurn Vista find Windows 7 to be the upgrade they were waiting for? The version I’ve been using is too incomplete to let me come to any definitive conclusion. But if the new OS lives up to its considerable promise, it could be a meaningful step towards restoring Windows’ reputation. It’s not earthshaking and includes no landmark features–but it looks like it could make using a PC meaningfully more pleasant.

A few disclosures about the discussion of specific Windows 7 features that follows: So far, I’ve used Windows 7 for only a few hours, and only in preinstalled form on a Dell laptop loaned to me by Microsoft. The version of the OS on that machine is missing some of Win 7 ‘s most interesting features.

(I created some of the images in this story, and others were provided to the press by Microsoft.) These are first impressions, not a formal review of a product that’s anywhere near finished.

Speaking of which, Microsoft is saying absolutely nothing about when Windows 7 might ship. It hasn’t even talked about a schedule for a beta release (PDC attendees and we journalists are getting a pre-beta “preview” edition of Office 2007 .) But if rumors of W7 arriving surprisingly soon are true, we should know more about the timetable soon.

With all that out of the way, what Windows 7 features and facts have made the biggest impression on me so far? I’m glad you asked.

Here are the first twenty answers to that question that come to mind…

(Cheap Office 2010 )Windows Vista was one of those Windows upgrades that broke perfectly good applications and drivers with abandon. Microsoft’s goal with Windows 7 is to ship an operating system that will run any piece of software that works in Vista. And it’s implementing various technical tricks to nudge apps that need a little help in the right direction. Whether the promise of seamless compatibility will turn out to be more than a promise remains to be seen–I’ve been unable to get Adobe Acrobat to install in the preview edition–but Microsoft will never get there unless it tries. And this time, it’s trying Download Office 2007 .

Microsoft Windows 7 Support

Microsoft Windows 7 Assistance
Microsoft Windows 7 is the newest release of Microsoft for use on personal computers such as organization and house desktops. It has proved to be a hit item for Microsoft, with sales of far more than 90 million licenses since its October 2009 release. As opposed to its predecessor, Windows Vista, it has got various special and extra features which contain incremental upgrade to the Windows line, with the objective of becoming compatible with applications and hardware with which Windows Vista was not at the time.

New functions in Windows 7 include:
advances in touch and handwriting recognition
assistance for virtual challenging disks
enhanced efficiency on multi-core processors
improved boot efficiency
Direct Access and
Kernel improvements.

Making use of numerous heterogeneous graphics cards from various vendors Windows 7 adds assistance for systems. The taskbar has undergone the largest visual adjust, where the Speedy Launch toolbar has been replaced with the “Superbar” permitting applications to be pinned to the taskbar. Buttons for pinned applications are integrated with the task buttons to bring one more large adjust.

Here’s how Windows 7 can help:
Everyday tasks are created simpler to carry out. Scan your open windows with Live Taskbar Previews. 1st find a file then connect to a network, or use an additional option of Snap to arrange a windows side by side.
Your Computer will perform as per your choice. Personalize it and go with quick Sleep and Resume. You can use your older programs with Windows XP Mode. Shield your data and make it much more secure with much less effort.

Regardless of these brilliant attributes not offered by any other Microsoft Windows, Win 7 has specific issues that user might come across even though working on Pc installed with this operating system.

Significant Window 7 troubles:
You may possibly face a variety of upgrade problems and interface problems.
Win 7 can begin causing issues before it is even installed in the program as many individuals report its upgrade hangs at 62% forever which is annoying.
Irritations in Aero Snap.
Capacity to move and resize windows, all in one particular movement, can be a genuine productivity enhance for Window 7. But sometimes you might discover windows moving about when you do not want it then Aero Snap becomes more of an annoyance
iPhone will not be in synchronization with Windows 7. iPhone users are beginning to report issues in acquiring their iPhone synchronize with Windows 7 installed systems.
Windows 7 themes are capable of altering your custom icons. There are some spectacular new themes in Window 7 – a fantastic choice at the Microsoft site – but installing them can have a side-effect.

But if you are facing any such troubles or getting trouble installing a system then you want not be concerned. Your problems can be resolved rapidly by obtaining assist from online assistance providers. There are a number of firms which give support remotely. Difficulties as mentioned above can simply be solved to a fantastic extent by certified technicians. They instantaneously supply solutions to sort the problems that users come across. These organizations are most appropriate choice as you do not have to wait for the technicians to come to your property or take your Pc to the repair shop. They charge on monthly or yearly basis.

You can avail also avail aid from on the web assistance providers if:

Searching for software program that functions with Windows 7?
Program not working correctly?
Help with Windows 7 compatibility problems
laptop has cease operating suddenly
Want the computer program to work the way you want.

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How Does The Motorola Droid Perform?

How is Motorola Droid

After a period’s disappear, Motorola serve all of them with its sometime ago for the cell telephone mainstream market place, with great android cell phones. Then one of the greatest intelligent phone is Motorola Android. Making use of this excellent telephone, Motorola has designed its most attractive and intriguing small bit of technology. Nicely, let’s find out a lot more relevant for this amazing cell phone.


Android was created finding a 3.7-inch capacitive touch screen with full glass display of 480 x 854 resolutions. Every person likes a larger screen for just about any a lot more visual since it is a lot more intuitive. Obtaining a concealed physic keyboard, android looks a little bulky, well, possibly just a little to ladies. For businessman nonetheless, it’s just handy and cozy to cope with. The appearance is sleek enough while not fashionable and appealing as apple apple iphone and htc.



Motorola Android consists of a mixture of plastic and metal, as well as the phone capabilities a solid, pricey heft in it.

It really is produced with side slide texting keybord that’s hidden inside the phone at standard time. Visually, laptop keyboards is certainly an simpler read (plus much a lot more aesthetically pleasing) than individuals other Texting phones too, though often the secrets can seem to turn out to be a small cramped. For individuals who loving typing with your hands, a actual keyboard might be much helpful and harder when compared to a virtual keyboard.



Some main modifications are actually created to android 2.

and Motorola has smartly fitted the Android getting a 5mp camera combined by obtaining an Introduced costly. 5MP camera provides hd photos. This means you will shoot videos inside a 720 x 480 resolution.



The Android is fitted with Arm Cortex A8 CPU (a 600MHz, OMAP3430 nick down clocked to 550MHz), 256MB of RAM, and 512MB of ROM. Its CPU can be compared with apple apple iphone third generation, the performance is unquestionably wonderful.


Motorola droid accessories aren’t about folks of apple iphone in the marketplace, but you will find enough for this kind of fantastic cell phones. Accessories for fundamental protections like motorola droid circumstances or backup batteries are abundant obtainable. The Android will get a few great accessories if the launches, most especially a pier for setting your telephone about the nightstand (or proper flat function surface), together with an automobile mount for applying the technique just like a appropriate Gps navigation navigation unit.

Battery Performance

It really is fitted getting a 1400mAh battery that could assistance 8 numerous hours standby time. you will not be blown away with the DROID’s endurance, however it doesn’t deviate inside a wild approaches which will lead you to take pause. It really is solid, not breathtaking.

Sunny is an enthusiast in all kinds of electronics and gadgets, who have owned some entertaining electronics herself. Sunny loves writing critiques about cool cheap gadgets like Apple accessories, laptop accessories, camping gadgets and so on.

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